What’s new in Klaviyo

At Klaviyo, we never stop moving forward, with constant innovation and iteration to give our customers an even more powerful marketing platform. Find the latest and greatest product updates here—and check back soon. There’s always more to come.

Featured product updates

September product updates

Last updated: September 23, 2022

Anomaly detection

We’ve trained Klaviyo to pick up on anomalies in your metrics. If one of your flows suddenly breaks, you’ll get a heads-up so you can get things back on track, fast.

Rules-based product recommendations

Send more personalized product recommendations to your customers to drive more conversions.

Overview dashboard enhancements

Several new upgrades to the overview dashboard make it even easier to track your marketing. performance and to share results with others.

SMS industry benchmarks are available

Industry benchmarks for SMS

See how your SMS messages are performing compared to similar companies and determine where to invest your time with industry benchmarks for SMS.

product shot of a two-way SMS conversation

Two-way SMS for UK/AUS

Answer incoming questions and strengthen relationships. Two-way SMS is now available in the United Kingdom and Australia.